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A Success Story From Turkish Association Of University Women (TUKD)

By In ENGLISH On 16 Ocak 2018


Promoting Access to Quality

Secondary Education for Girls

In scope of “Human Resources Development Operational Program of EU, measure to raise awareness about the importance of education, and to increase enrollment rates, particularly of women, with a view to developing human resources and entrance into labour market”; Turkish Association of University

Women (TUKD) has received an EU grant for implementing “I am the Future Project” in Yozgat Turkey, the city with the highest rate of early marriage of girls.
The main objective of the project is to create opportunities for girls, who have to leave their education after primary school, to continue their education, and to enable more women to enter into the business life in the long term.
With this main objective in mind, project aims to raise the awareness of the parents of 38 girls who goes to Yozgat, Çayıralan Hayri Yıldız Regional Primary Boarding School in a district far away from the city, to provide supportive training and guidance for students, to introduce role models and to ensure them to be successful in placement tests with the support of local partners in order for those girls to continue their education.
Within the scope of the project, project team has visited 120 families living in the surrounding villages. Some of the visits were carried out with School teachers, and some of them were carried out by project team only.  Project provided additional Turkish, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and English courses to the students of grades 6, 7 and 8. Additional courses were carried out for 24 hours per week. Two classrooms within the school and dormitory building were renovated and supported with technical equipments. In this context, floors, walls and windows of classrooms are renewed and classrooms were equipped with computer, projector, bookshelves, table and chair for students.  The first one of the seminars in which the business women speak as successful role models and personal development experts share their knowledge was held in Hayri Yıldız RPBS on May 27, 2011. As visited families and daughters living in surrounding villages were invited, 207 participants were attended to the seminar in total. The team also visited local stakeholders to evaluate the scholarship opportunities for target group of girls that will be successful in the placement exam. I am the Future Project has contributed to the success rate of the school as well. 41% success rate on placement exam of previous year has increased to 63% during the implementation period.
Despite the bureaucratic handicaps of being the first EU funded Project in the region, Project team constantly carries out project activities and obtain successful results. The closing seminar will be held on November 22nd, where students will have another change to meet new role models from business life.
Nazan Moroğlu, President of TAUW –Efrah Ceyhan, Coordinator of the Project;  Esra Karakaş, Co. Coordinator

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